Route It Out

As you all read my posts and follow me across my journey through New Zealand, I seem to write about these towns and cities as if you all know where they all are. I had no idea how our journey was going to play out and how we were going to be able to see all these places in just two weeks. And I had no idea what places we were going to until Gemina read over our itinerary the first night. So I thought it would be beneficial to y'all if I showed a map of New Zealand and list my route for the trip!

From Houston we flew to LA and from LA we flew to Auckland, New Zealand. Then from Auckland we flew to Queenstown and that's where our official journey began. 
1. Te Anau
2. Queenstown
3. Wanaka
4. Franz Josef
5. Hokitika
6. Mt. Hutt
7. Christchurch

And then off to FIJI! 
[thanks to Google images for this bad boy]


  1. very helpful! fiji...dying. bring me home a tan pretty please!

  2. trying to comment but not having much luck when I go back in to do this finally I think it will let me do this. Love the pics and love the hot tub pools. It seems as if you guys are getting up early, eating well and lots of exercise. You are probably getting ready to ski the next few days be careful and don't try snowboarding dont need you getting hurt somewhere else and you truly want to go to Figi Love and missssssss you See you in 9 days MOM

  3. Makenna, It's very hot here. Even for Houston, it is hot, hot! Several fires in Texas and some in the outer areas of Houston. It is supposed to finally rain on Tuesday afternnon or Wednesday (I realize you are on a different day.) Gentry is off to camp and it is very quiet here at the house. Great to hear about your journeys and the wonderful time you are having. Can't believe you got up early to take pictures of a sunrise! That is really a unique photo opprotunity. Have a great time skiing and I can't believe you will be skiing while it's 100 degrees in Houston. Love you, Dad