Day 2: City Centre Adventure!

Well today was quite an eventful one! And it's only almost two in the afternoon! I'm not sure if, by reading this, you are stunned with my energetic tone or you are just convinced that I'm beyond delirious. If you were one of the people who read my last post, you would know that I had about two and a half hours of sleep last night. No worries though! Hopefully by five o'clock tomorrow afternoon as I board the plane, I won't need the excessive amount of benadryl I originally thought I would be sipping down to get me through this 16 hour plane ride. Any who, I am currently sitting in the Spring Woods library, one of the last kiwi travelers left, slaving at this blog. I am already so beyond thrilled about creating this blog and being able to update you all with my adventures daily! Ms. Bottoms and Ms. Carter can already tell that I am so enthralled with doing everything I can to make this blog as cute, entertaining, and well thought-out as possible.This morning we finally got a chance to truly dive into the features of our cameras. We got in small groups and explored the basics of photography- learning more about aperture and fstops, shutter speed, tripod techniques, and ISO's. I was so excited to finally start taking pictures again to strengthen my portfolio; I hadn't seriously thought about adjusting my light meter or any of that jazz because I had refrained from using manual mode. But alas, the days of automatic are over for now and I truly could not be more excited! Taking pictures at city centre was a great kickoff to the future photography sessions ahead. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to the city centre when it's in full swing, whether it be for shopping, eating, hanging out, froyo-ing it up, or socializing. This being said, it is so nice to be there at 9 AM in the morning when nothing is open yet and there isn't people in a rush to get from place to place. It was quite calming actually. I took numerous photographs this morning, but the four pictures above became my favorite. City Centre opened a precious little Free People boutique and it was so fun to shoot in the store! Not only do they have THE cutest clothes, but their set up is so lovely.If you noticed the pictures are in polaroid form, which I love. My friend Jaclyn Worbets, a good friend of mine and a wonderful photographer, showed me this application that you can easily download off google. It's called Poladroid. ---> click here to download it for free!

Well I'm finally leaving the library! The rest of today will consist of running some last minute errands for equipment I still need for the trip, finishing up my packing, heading to a fellow Kiwi traveler's house to have a New Zealand Fiji kickoff celebration, and then spending the rest of my night with my family and friends that I will miss dearly. I'm not sure when my next post will be, but until then, tata!

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