Day 1: Houston Class Part One

So today it's official. I finally feel like I'm actually boarding a plane to New Zealand for three weeks with National Geographic for the chance of a lifetime. When I compare the day Mrs. Bottoms initially introduced the opportunity to go on this trip in my 4th period photography class to this morning when we sat in the Spring Woods Library to set up this blog and discuss packing items, the timing in between seems like it has disappeared. Spring break, prom, countless graduation parties, and graduation itself all were played on a fast foward button. And now numerous months later, here I am: 2 days from embarking on the most epic adventure I have ever gotten the opportunity to be apart of. As we loaded photoshop on our computers, downloaded mypublisher on our desktop, and showed off our new hightech gear to prepare us for the journey awaiting us halfway across the world, we all had that antsy feeling in the pit of our stomachs. A combination of nerves, excitement, curiosity, and eagerness filled the room. Some of us don't know how to work a camera, yet alone turn one on; some of us know every single button and it's job and know how to take a perfect photograph in any type of setting. Some of us have never left the country, yet alone left the state of Texas. Some of us haven't been on a plane while some of us have our own frequent flyer card. But one thing we all have in common is our passion. Whether it's just beginning to form or if it's already in full swing, every single person embarking on this journey is ready to learn with camera in hand. And with that drive, I think it's gonna make for a pretty amazing experience.

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  1. Makenna, what an amazing opportunity! Have a wonderful, safe trip and I look forward to keeping up with your adventures ;o) Congratulations on your graduation too, I just can't believe your on your way to college! Have a fantastic summer! xoxo